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18 Jul

Stephanie Did You Know Ontario Has a Curfew?

Posted on Tuesday, July 18 2017 by Stephanie Mizzi

When the clock strikes midnight...you're kids better be home! That's basically what the OPP are telling parents:Under the Child and Family Services Act, no parent of a child less than 16 years of age shall permit the child to loiter in a public place between midnight and 6 a.m. Youth found in public places during that ... Read More ›

14 Jul

Stephanie Soooo...care to explain this one?!

Posted on Friday, July 14 2017 by Stephanie Mizzi

We’ve all seen those big wide farming tractors that are usually driving relatively slow on rural roads. Have you ever wondered if you could fit underneath?Well, leave it as a silly thought because that is illegal and dumb.The exact circumstances are not confirmed at this time but two people are in hospital after a Thursday afternoon crash involving an Audi and ... Read More ›

13 Jul

Stephanie Is It Ok To Do This In Front of Kids?

Posted on Thursday, July 13 2017 by Stephanie Mizzi

Australian mommy blogger Constance Hall wants everyone to know that she swears in front of her children – and she doesn’t care what other people think.The mom of four took to Facebook last week to share her parenting choice, explaining her reasoning behind her controversial decision to drop an F-bomb or two around her children on occasion. Despite her liberal use ... Read More ›

11 Jul

Stephanie Find out How Many Streets Have Your Name

Posted on Tuesday, July 11 2017 by Stephanie Mizzi

This just might be the COOLEST website I’ve seen in a long time!Have you ever wondered how many streets have your name? Or if a street with your name intersects with a street with your significant other’s name? Well, now there’s a website that can help you out!A guy named Jason Feifer, who is the editor of &... Read More ›

10 Jul

Stephanie Beach Update: Is Your Fav Beach Ready For You?

Posted on Monday, July 10 2017 by Stephanie Mizzi

We are into the hot days of summer now, and if you don't have a pool you may be looking for other ways to cool off, including heading to some of the beaches around the region...HOLD UP!  13 Niagara beaches are now on the unsafe list! Beaches are posted as unsafe when water tests show unacceptable levels of E. Coli ... Read More ›

06 Jul

Stephanie [WATCH] Country Stars Respond to Country Haters

Posted on Thursday, July 06 2017 by Stephanie Mizzi

We all have that one friend that just doesn’t get country music. They are a bit slow, but we still hang out with them…Probably because they have a boat or a nice house or whatever…Dierks Bentley, Brett Eldredge, Brett Young, Trace Adkins, Dustin Lynch, Lauren Alaina and Rascal Flatts all sat down with Buzzfeed and answered some questions from ... Read More ›

29 Jun

Stephanie No They Didn't!? WT Tim Hortons?

Posted on Thursday, June 29 2017 by Stephanie Mizzi

Tim Hortons has come up with a new creation to mark Canada’s 150th birthday – the “Poutine Donut!”Here’s what I know….. poutine is deliciousSo are donuts….But not together!!!!!!!!Tim’s disagrees and is offering this to customers to celebrate July 1st… but again, it’s only available in the states!... Read More ›

21 Jun

Rob This Is Just Wrong...

Posted on Wednesday, June 21 2017 by Rob Leclerc

Over the years there have been many strange food combos...like peanut butter and onion sandwiches, pickles and peanut butter, ok...most things involve peanut butter, however, this one missed the mark! Pizza Pops Poutine?? NO, NO, NO!!I do like pizza and poutine...but together they just make an ugly mess! Please,  if you want both piizza and poutine, just get both ... Read More ›

12 Jun

Megan Does your Jiffy Pop?!

Posted on Monday, June 12 2017 by Megan Milne

This weekend I was able to do one of my favourite things about the summer (okay, I know it's not summer yet, but it sure feels like it), and that is, have a bonfire!Also tried to make Jiffy Pop. I hope you heard the word tried, because that stuff is hard to make on a fire!! It was made, but tasted a ... Read More ›

09 Jun

Megan Let Your Inner Child Out

Posted on Friday, June 09 2017 by Megan Milne

Yesterday was one of those memorable days!Rob and I got to check out Niagara Safari for the first time, and was it ever an amazing day! There will be opening some new behind the scenes exhibits this summer, and I guarantee you will love them!We were able to get up close and personal with the Rhino, and the giraffes (We got to feed ... Read More ›