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26 May

Stephanie If You Want to Make Friends, Start Doing This...

Posted on Friday, May 26 2017 by Stephanie Mizzi

A study out of the University of Oxford claims that if you want to break the ice with someone and strike up a conversation, you should do it by singing!Here’s why…Apparently singing “gives one a massive hit of feel-good endorphins, which makes us feel bonded to those we’re singing with.”“…singing with” ... Read More ›

24 May

Stephanie You Can Stop Feeding Your Kids This

Posted on Wednesday, May 24 2017 by Stephanie Mizzi

I was never a big fan of giving my boys juice when they were little toddlers and babies, and it was more as a special thing that they would have it...it's funny because now at 7 & 9 when I bring out orange juice they ask me what the special occasion is, lol. Now, Pediatricians are now saying that you should ... Read More ›

23 May

Megan I am okay with this kind of surprise

Posted on Tuesday, May 23 2017 by Megan Milne

I am the type of person that LOVES surprises! From little things like a surprise coffee to big things like a surprise visit. I have just always loved them. I think it comes from when I was younger and my parents surprised me with a trip to Disney World (but that's a whole other story)So this weekend, when I went to the ... Read More ›

16 May

Stephanie She Was doing THIS for a Year and Half And Had NO IDEA?!

Posted on Tuesday, May 16 2017 by Stephanie Mizzi

I have a funny engagement story...when my hubbie proposed to me I thought he was joking around and told him to cut it out and get up...yeah in front of a restaurant full of people! (I will never live that one down-lol) But this story takes the cake for engagement stories! The couple from Tasmania, known only as Anna and Terry, had ... Read More ›

11 May

Stephanie THIS just might be the best part of waking up!

Posted on Thursday, May 11 2017 by Stephanie Mizzi

It has to be 1 of the most annoying sounds in the world…  The dreaded alarm clock is something feared by most of us – until now!Something called the Sunrise Smart Pillow will apparently change the way you wakeup!Check it out… ... Read More ›

10 May

Stephanie Who's Up For A Mini Roadtrip?

Posted on Wednesday, May 10 2017 by Stephanie Mizzi

I am not sure if this is a great idea or a dangerous one...but there is a huge Butter Tart Festival in Toronto next month! If the idea of 150,000 ooey, gooey butter tarts makes you salivate, you should probably consider heading to the annual Ontario Butter Tart Festival and Contest on June 10.Thousands upon thousands of butter tarts ... Read More ›

09 May

Rob Sandle Socks

Posted on Tuesday, May 09 2017 by Rob Leclerc

So, in the last few weeks we have been introduced to some strange fashions. Pre - stained jeans worth over $400, torn up shoes worth over $1,400...and so on. Now, what bothers me about this is people are still concerned about men wearing socks with sandles...WHY?? Are socks with sandles that awful? Is it any worse than acid washed jeans...? The answer ... Read More ›

08 May

Megan So It Begins

Posted on Monday, May 08 2017 by Megan Milne

Something that I have always wanted to do (ok, maybe not always, but for the last few years), was to buy a jeep and fix it up. The plan slightly changed when I told my dad about it, and he reminded me of this old (I mean old, she's from 1950) Land Rover that he had had for years, and always wanted to ... Read More ›

05 May

Stephanie I Had No Idea Moms Did It THIS MUCH?!

Posted on Friday, May 05 2017 by Stephanie Mizzi

I try...I really do try...and it looks like we are more alike than I thought...because apparently, 74% of Moms admit to swearing in front of their kids. Because of this, Kraft Foods enlisted the help of mother, author and swearing expert, Melissa Mohr, Ph.D., to suggest some “kid-friendly” alternatives to swearing in their new commercial.But ... Read More ›

02 May

Eryk New Artist Tuesday - May 2 - Mike LeBlanc

Posted on Tuesday, May 02 2017 by Eryk Trickett

Our second featured artist on New Artist Tuesday tonight is Mike LeBlanc!Mike was born in New Brunswick, but is based in Calgary, AB. Inspired by the great outlaw country legends, Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings, Mike delivers a unique blend of old school and modern country. To learn more about Mike, visit his website: http://www.mikeleblancmusic.com/Mike's latest ... Read More ›