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Any Dad Will Do...

Posted on Wednesday, June 07 2017

Any Dad Will Do...

Father's Day is coming up and perhpas you have plans to hang with Dad and celebrate his big day...or perhaps you need a Dad?

I noticed a Craig's List ad for a Dad...

According to their ad, the ideal candidate would have at least 18 years of experience as a dad and 10 years of grilling experience. He’d be responsible for grilling hamburgers and hotdogs while drinking beer, and they would also want him to talk about “dad things, like lawnmowers, building your own deck, Jimmy Buffet, etc.”

Why is it that every Dad is responsible for 'cooking' on Father's Day...? We don;t make Mom cook on Mother's Day..? Is this a double standard?

How ever or whom ever you celebrate with...enjoy your Father's Day!

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