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Fall Bucket List Item!

Posted on Tuesday, September 26 2017

Fall Bucket List Item!

I haven't had a Bucket List in years, but I think I may start a new one just to put this on the list! I LOVE Halloween and if you are anything like me, this could be right up your alley...Pumpkinferno is in Upper Canada Village and is a 1-km Path that takes you through a  village made of 7,000 glowing pumpkins!!

There are several points of interest along the path. Jack, an iconic pumpkin-headed scarecrow, makes a return this year, and will keep an eye on you during your walk. You'll enter the village via a welcome bridge decorated with multiple lit jack o'lanterns. Inside the village, all of the exhibits will light up your way.

Click here for the full list of exhibits.


Who wants to take a Road Trip?!


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