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I Had No Idea This Could Happen So Fast?!

Posted on Wednesday, December 13 2017

I Had No Idea This Could Happen So Fast?!

We continue to remind you to water your Christmas Trees during the Holiday’s but you may kind of shrug off HOW IMPORTANT it really is!

A tree can drink up to a gallon, yes a GALLON of water a day!!

So it is best to water in the morning, and a night.

Never leave the lights on when you are not home, and make sure NO lights are frayed in any location.

And sadly, a real tree cannot go up super early, as soon as a large amount of needles drop, the tree is headed for deads-ville, no matter how much you keep watering.

This video shows the time difference between a Dry Tree and a Watered Tree being ignited, and it’s actually TERRIFYING!

Stay Safe!


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