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Playoff Hockey Bar Tab Gone Wild!!

Posted on Thursday, June 08 2017

Playoff Hockey Bar Tab Gone Wild!!

Let's face it, with Canadian teams being MIA from the playoffs, we likely won't find anyone racking up a bill like this one...but ya gotta admit it is impressive! People near and far "blow their load"... of money of course, at the bars watching the games, but THIS?! During the Nashville Predators playoff run, some buddies racked up a $1,1272+ tab in one day, little food and 115 beers! 

One of the dudes says “We got ragged on a bit for choosing Coors Light, but when you show up to a bar at 11am and expect to be there for 12 hours, you need a beer that’s perfect for that long slow burn and an IPA isn’t gonna do it. Coors Light hit that perfect spot for us,” said Gray.

Impressive yes but I feel as though this isn't too unfamiliar. Highest tab you've ever racked up??? 


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