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Sandle Socks

Posted on Tuesday, May 09 2017

Sandle Socks

So, in the last few weeks we have been introduced to some strange fashions. Pre - stained jeans worth over $400, torn up shoes worth over $1,400...and so on. Now, what bothers me about this is people are still concerned about men wearing socks with sandles...WHY?? Are socks with sandles that awful? Is it any worse than acid washed jeans...? The answer is NO! If we are willing to over pay for ripped or stained jeans why are we so against Sandle Socks! Yes, these are socks that have sandle straps so you look like you are wearing sandles and socks...These are fun...end of story!

If you are stupid enough to pay that much for the latest (stupid fashions), then you are stupid enough for Sandle Socks:)



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