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So It Begins

Posted on Monday, May 08 2017

So It Begins

Something that I have always wanted to do (ok, maybe not always, but for the last few years), was to buy a jeep and fix it up. The plan slightly changed when I told my dad about it, and he reminded me of this old (I mean old, she's from 1950) Land Rover that he had had for years, and always wanted to fix up, but never had the time.

Well this summer we will begin it together! It will take us a few years to do, as we can't commit to more than one weekend a month to fix it up. Oh, and did I mention I know NOTHING about cars?! So not only will I get to have a pretty awesome off-road vehicle when we are done (yes, we will share it) I am also going to know how to do everything on your car. So in about 5 years. if you need something fixed on your car, well you will know who to call! :) 

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