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"I was raised with parents who would listen to nothing but country when I was growing up, so you could say it's in my jeans...genes? Spelling isn't in my genes.

I've only been in the Niagara Region for a couple of years but already feel like I belong. I'm enjoying the journey and love meeting new people and listeners.

Interaction is key, hit me up sometime!"


Mo Family

The giving nature of people is what powers this planet.Since the inception of Movember I have participated in some form or another. Either growing my own 'stache out Read more ›

Some Halloween Treats Just Don't Cut It

Halloween is easily my favorite "holiday". There's candy galore AND you get to dress up for a day without people thinking there's something wrong Read more ›

This is Why You Don't Call a Radio Station to Sell Stuff

This is exactly why you don't call a radio station to sell anything. They are trained to mess with you, and will!   Read more ›

Gotta Stay Cool!

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You Can't Just Name Them Anything

I learned today that when you're told to contribute baby names in a relationship they mean serious ones.I heard recently that Pokemon names were getting popular for Read more ›

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