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I was once told by a witch that I was born with the knowledge of my purpose in life. I was only 21, and I had a picture of my career path and started to follow it...

Some things I've done:

1 - Created an alter-ego named Pumpkin Head
2 - Placed 4th in a tractor pull
3 - I am in the movie "Shut Up and Sing" (at the dixie chicks press conference scene)
4 - Had the pleasure of interviewing some wonderful people like Rodney Crowell, Lonestar, and The Barenaked Ladies. I have also grown to appreciate the simple things in life like Family, music and laughter!

Let's have some fun!



It's that time of year again....Bring on the stache:) I will be accepting donations until the end of November! Click the link to give whatever you can:) Read more ›

This Is Just Wrong...

Over the years there have been many strange food peanut butter and onion sandwiches, pickles and peanut butter, ok...most things involve peanut butter, however, this one missed Read more ›

Any Dad Will Do...

Father's Day is coming up and perhpas you have plans to hang with Dad and celebrate his big day...or perhaps you need a Dad?I noticed a Read more ›

Sandle Socks

So, in the last few weeks we have been introduced to some strange fashions. Pre - stained jeans worth over $400, torn up shoes worth over $1,400...and so on. Read more ›

Dads Cookies NO

No more DADS cookies???? WHAT??Yes, it;s true...Dads Chocolate Chip cookies will be discontinued ASAP! Other varieties, including the oatmeal chocolate chip version, are still available Read more ›

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